The Mini Series

The Mini Series Cabins



Mini Cabin 2

Affordable and Attractive Cabins

The Hideaway Cabin The Niagara Cabin
The Hideaway The Niagara
384 Square Feet 504 Sq Ft or 728 Sq Ft
The Sugar Creek Cabin
The Sugar Creek
800 Square Feet

Quick and Easy to Build

  The Union Hill Cabin The Walnut Creek Cabin  
  The Union Hill The Walnut Creek  
  864 Square Feet 1152 Square Feet  

Floor Plan Layout Designed with flexibility, you choose the layout.

Floor plan layout shown is for illustration and to help you with ideas.

Small Mini Series Cabins

Mini Cabin Series Mini Series Cabin
Square Log Mini Series


We will continually be adding more plans to this site.

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss additional plans.

Your Own Plans

If you have already acquired a plan from another source, please allow us the opportunity to use our extensive and competitively priced materials to make an affordable package for your log cabin.